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Download PES 2013 Full Version Free | PC Games

by admin on July 15, 2012

Are you looking for information about PES 2013?

You are at the right place! Here you can download PES 2013 full version for free and get the latest info, cheat and walkthrough. Check it out and don’t forget to like this post!

PES 2013 Free Download

PES 2013 is not available yet for download, please bookmark this post so you can download PES 2013 full version later.

Details and Gameplay

Download PES 2013 Full Version Free. You have always loved PES (pre evolution soccer) and the first trailer of PES 2013 looks to allure you even deeper. New and improved may not be quite words to describe the tremendously exciting features. Konami football games in their latest edition of PES 2013 have implemented many changes based on the feedbacks and critical comments on their portals and fan pages from the PES community, and that is you!

Through intensive meetings and mutual accord a lot of improvements have been incorporated in the total ambiance, sound, animation, control and the game play balance. PES full control has hit the gamers with many new and innovative improvements through following features:

Total control freedom
PES 2013 has PES FC (full control) that allows free movements providing better control over the ball.

First touch
This special feature allows players to have lots of moves to boast a better throw, trap, lift and many other similar moves. First touch can make the player trap the ball with R2 button to slow down the speed of the throw to handle the attack efficiently.

Full manual shooting and full manual passing
PES 2013 has full manual passing that brings total control to manage the game play, and all new full manual shooting that allows every player to find a space and target the shoot at a particular place, which is determined by their power and height. This may require some rehearsed skills and unmatched precision to experience it to the fullest, but you can always make a throw or shoot in the open areas.

Other major improvements related to control on the ball and players are:

  • Dribbling: the dribbling speed can be managed with R2 button. Many styles can be obtained to have a close control. This also allows the player to hit the ball, pass a player and then collect it, shielding the ball to hold the play while other players run to make the space and even nutmeg them.
  • Full manual one-two: this strategic feature allows two players to keep the hold of the ball between them. In the latest edition of PES 2013, the second player can move in absolutely any direction.
  • Goalkeeper: the goalkeepers are not left unattended in PES 2013, they are facilitated with more power and controls for quicker and better counter attacks.

Player ID
The player and goal keeper identities have been specifically recognized in PES 2013. The way players run, move the ball, turn trap and throw the ball would be highly improved. Even the way they celebrate the goal scored would be noticeably better. Whereas, goalkeepers are added with new kinds of saves and reactions for the most realistic game play experience.

Proactive Al
This feature combines the balance of play, tactical precision and enhanced goalkeepers to have an ultimate gaming experience with PES 2013.

Better atmosphere and connectivity
This especially works toward improving the overall game incident with exciting sounds, realistic reactions from the crowd and dramatic on-ground action.
PES 2013 has it all to give you an ultimate gaming experience. Bookmark and like us on facebook and get notified when PES 2013 is available for you to download!

Trailer Video and Gameplay


Release Date and Platform

PES 2013 will be released in OCtober 2013 in multiple platform including PC, PS3, and Xbox 2013

PES 2013 Reviews

PES 2013 is not released yet, reviews will be up later on this page. Stay tuned or you can contact us to submit your own reviews

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