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Download Fallout 3 Full Version Free

by admin on August 17, 2011


Download Fallout 3 Full Version Free - The main quest begins after the Lone Wanderer (the title given to the player character by the populace of the Capital Wasteland) escapes Vault 101 at age 19. The search for James, the player’s father, takes the character on a journey through the wasteland, first to the nearby town of Megaton, named for the undetonated atomic bomb at its center, then the Galaxy News Radio station. The player then travels to Rivet City, a derelict aircraft carrier now serving as a human settlement. Here the player meets Doctor Li, a scientist who worked alongside the player’s father. Doctor Li tells the player of Project Purity, a plan to remove the radiation from the water of the Tidal Basin, as a means of restoring the environment and improving the lives of those inhabiting the wasteland.

After investigating the former lab of Project Purity, built inside the Jefferson Memorial rotunda, the player tracks James to Vault 112, and frees him from a virtual reality program being run by the Vault’s corrupt Overseer. The player and James return to Rivet City and meet up with Doctor Li. They discuss the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.) and its possible whereabouts, which are rumoured to be in Project Purity’s computer database. However, while the player helps James restart the lab equipment, the Enclave (the post-Great War United States government) arrives and attempts to take over the project for their own purposes.

To download Fallout 3 Full Version For Free you can scroll down to find the download link or watch the Fallout 3 preview video below:

Download Fallout 3 Full Version Free:

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