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Download Amazing Alex Free Full Version for Windows PC

by Staff on October 14, 2012

If you’re looking for Amazing Alex full version free download you’re at the right site! Just follow the download link below and follow the onscreen instruction to start download. Use direct link to download Amazing Alex from file sharing or P2P to download Amazing Alex with torrent client.

Download Amazing Alex Full Version Below:

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Amazing Alex Gameplay and Details

Download Amazing Alex Free Full Version for Windows PC. Amazing Alex – The New Mobile Game In the Makers of Angry Birds

Casey’s Contraptions was one particular of the most outstanding iOS game I’d ever noticed. Sierra Entertainment’s Outstanding Machine is what first jumps in mind when describing Casey’s Contraptions, but genuinely, this game is over that. On every single level, Casey challenges the player to construct a contraption to accomplish a straightforward target, normally moving an object from a single spot to an additional. The levels involve almost everything from darts to mechanical punching gloves, RC vehicles, skateboards, magnets, balloons etc.

You are given an impressive quantity of levels with hours of addicting game play. Practically each and every level in Casey’s Contraptions can be solved in lots of diverse approaches. There’s no “right” way, while you will possibly desire to gather every one of the stars each time.

If you get stumped on a level it is possible to see your on the net friends’ solutions, like Casey’s three-star remedy. This keeps items from becoming also frustrating. But you still is going to be trying out a lot of trial-and-error options. Following that, you may also develop your very own levels and in many cases share developed levels and solutions with an astounding social backdrop.

The entire game is very outstanding and now that Rovio has taken more than the game you can expect an even far better polished result. They already have removed the as well cartoony character Casey and replaced him having a much more globally friendly name “Amazing Alex”. And Rovio will be certain to add their very own charming addictive aesthetic making it far more enjoyable nonetheless.

As far specifics on the new game goes we know now that amazing Alex will have one hundred levels inside it which will certainly challenge its users. There will likely be typical free updates for the software program and users will actually have the ability to share and create levels amongst themselves that is certainly a special function that individuals will appreciate.

When Rovio announced earlier this year that they will be releasing Amazing Alex they realized they had some lofty standards to measure as much as. Their 1st smash it, Angry Birds, has just hit one hundred million downloads and is still going robust. Definitely the purpose with Amazing Alex will be to reach comparable levels, but with a fully different kind of game that must really fascinate all of these that use it and play it by every day basis. Should you have not currently checked out a few of the cool trailers on the internet for this new game please you’ll want to check them out and can certainly get you excited for this new game.. What are you waiting for? just download Amazing Alex Download for PC by using the links above, and don’t forget to like this post on facebook

Video and Screens

System Requirements

iOS – iPhone:
iOS 4.2 or later
3rd generation devices (ARMV7) or later only
iOS – iPad: iOS 4.2 or later

Release Date

Amazing Alex will be released in July 12, 2012 in multiple platform including iOS, Android. You can download Windows version here!
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