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Watch Dogs multiplayer discussed in Ubisoft blog

by TheWriter on June 23, 2013

Ubisoft has launched trailer soon after trailer of Orwellian open planet game View Dogs, but has only addressed the game’s multiplayer with winks and nods. You know it’s in there, but we’ve only had rumors and buzzwords to go on—until these days.

A new blog submit on Ubisoft’s internet site ultimately addresses View Dogs’ multiplayer mode, which sounds like a combine amongst Assassin’s Creed’s and Dark Souls’ multiplayer. You will usually see your character as the titular Aidan Pearce when invading yet another player’s world, but you’ll look like an ordinary, pleased-go-lucky NPC to them.

Soon after you have connected to a person else’s globe, you can consider planting a virus onto their cellphone, ramming them with a automobile, or pick simply to observe them from afar. But if the other player discovers who you are, you’ll need to have to make a swift escape. I’m sure unplugging your Ethernet cable would do the trick, but where’s the entertaining in that?

Ubisoft didn’t give any factors to justify why you need to do these items to a fellow vigilante, but we’re guessing there is some kind of reward involved for becoming this kind of a nuisance. There is also an option to turn off the multiplayer component, even though it is automatically switched off when you’re occupied in a story mission. Important story factors are rarely enhanced by the jerks we encounter on the web.

The new details is even now a tiny vague for my taste, but at least we have a clearer image of what View Dogs’ multiplayer seems like. We’ll let you know if Ubisoft has something a lot more to say prior to the game launches on November 22.

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Double Fine Hits Goal with Second Kickstarter

by TheWriter on June 4, 2013

massive chalice hits goal

With 23 days left in its fundraising period, Double Fine’s 2nd Kickstarter project, Massive Chalice, has crossed its purpose threshold of $725,000. As of this creating, the game’s acquired twenty,272 backers and $744,080 in funding. Considering how considerably time it’s got left, and the monumental achievement of Double Fine’s initial Kickstarter venture, Broken Age, there’s every single indication that this latest task is going to rake in really a bit of income ahead of the fundraising period ends.

Soon soon after the Kickstarter 1st acquired going last week, the game’s lead designer, Brad Muir, spoke with GamesIndustry about the project:

“I was genuinely nervous going into it. There were a whole lot of dangers with this venture. It’s a brand-new IP, it is not based on some legacy game or nostalgic home. It’s not a Tim [Schafer] game. So I was really nervous when we launched it, but it’s been a fairly great day.”

Muir also spoke a bit about how failing to sell his final game concept, Brazen, led him to go the Kickstarter route this time close to, a real-daily life detail alluded to in the Kickstarter pitch video for Enormous Chalice:

“The prior game that I was operating on, named Brazen, I had been pitching that game for an complete year. That was a tough sell, striving to pitch that game to publishers. I do not want to name any names, but the stop-motion aesthetic—that game was based mostly on the Ray Harryhausen quit-movement animations—was usually the sticking level. That people wouldn’t relate to it or consider it was great.

This was just a bunch of businessmen, like suits about a table. It was quite challenging for me to listen to their opinions of what gamers might really like. It’s a really weird factor, taking your suggestions to a modest group of businessmen and possessing them tell you whether or not they consider it is going to promote or not. I don’t believe they usually know very best. That is the cool thing about this notion. This thought is brand-new. We haven’t taken this idea to any person. We created it and took it straight to the backers.”

And clearly—whether on the strength of Double Fine’s popularity as a studio, the idea of Massive Chalice itself, or both—gamers are certainly interested in seeing this game come to fruition.

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Dark Souls 2 release date set for March 2014

June 3, 2013

Ah, E3. Do we love you or detest you? On 1 hand, that single week of June is filled with so much flashy advertising it can make our eyes ache, but on the other, we get to find out wonderful new items about video video games. Even now, a total week prior to E3, we’re [...]

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Remember Me Review –

June 3, 2013

Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment / Publisher: Capcom / Played On: Xbox 360 / Price: $59.99 / ESRB: Mature [Blood, Partial Nudity, Powerful Language, Violence] Life is a collection of experiences, positive and adverse, that form personalities in fascinating and special techniques. There are moments of sheer bliss you never ever want to fail to remember, and [...]

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Pre-E3 2013 Preview Hub

June 2, 2013

As part of our annual E3 2013 coverage, we’ve previewed a number of pick big-title video games from some quite big-name developers. Before the monolithic wave of video game reveals also recognized as the Electronic Enjoyment Expo comes crashing in, we’ll continue supplying much more bite-sized previews for you to eat to get you in [...]

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Kentucky Route Zero Act II is suddenly out now

June 2, 2013

The second episode of Cardboard Computer’s sorta-journey-game has finally released, only a month or so after it was originally supposed to. The devs marked the occasion by shouting from the rooftops and releasing a series of fireworks – oh, they issued a quiet tweet alternatively. If you own the game on Steam, you need to [...]

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Company of Heroes 2 trailer promises tank on tank action

May 31, 2013

“Look folks,” the latest Firm of Heroes two trailer might properly be saying, “we genuinely enjoy tanks.” “Sure,” it continues, “our game does have units that are not tanks, but they’re just there to make it even more unique when you do last but not least see a tank.” Basically, if you’re a large fan [...]

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Blizzard Downsizes Titan Dev Team by 70

May 30, 2013

In advancement considering that at least 2007, Blizzard’s up coming-gen MMO game, so far only recognized as Titan, has been on the getting end of a full reset, according to preliminary reports from an article on VentureBeat. According to that submit, the 100-man or woman advancement group that’s been functioning on Titan has been whittled [...]

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Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod dev explains a new game mode, shows customizable armies

May 29, 2013

We’ve lauded the in-progress Just Cause two multiplayer mod just before as an expression of the complete and utter chaos sandbox video games are capable of. And, while the multiplayer add-on for the open planet game is buggy and exciting, it is fundamentally just free of charge-variety mayhem for in excess of one,000 gamers at as soon as. [...]

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